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Variable Capacity Chiller

Smooth Transitions from 12,000 to 48,000 BTUs As Needed

Key Benefits

  • Variable capacity from 1 to 4 tons as thermal load changes
  • Compact footprint
  • Operates steadily at lower speeds to provide maximum efficiency
  • Select from three user-adjustable amp limits: Econo, Standard, or Boost
  • Electronic expansion valve for precise control of superheat
  • Easy, flexible plumbing configurations with less depth needed
  • Optional high-resolution, interactive touchscreen display
  • Optional Dometic STIIC software provides interactive management via smart phone, tablet, or computer

Image of Variable Capacity ChillerMaximize chiller efficiency and reduce electrical load fluctuations with Dometic's innovative Variable Capacity Chiller (VARC48). At full speed, the VARC48 provides up to four tons of cooling or heating. It also has the ability to modulate its speed all the way down to one ton in order to precisely match demand.

Standard chillers use a basic all-on or all-off method of water-loop temperature control which greatly changes the load on the generator. By precisely balancing output to load, the swing (hysteresis) in loop water temperature is minimized.

The VARC48's Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) provides more precise control of superheat across a broad range of conditions with no erractic swings as the valve reacts to temperature and pressure changes (no "hunting").

For complete technical details, please download the spec sheet.