XTC-ZTC Double-Pass RO Water Purification System - Dometic Corp


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XTC-ZTC Double-Pass RO Water Purification System

Key Benefits

  • The ultimate in water purification flexibility for boaters
  • True double-pass system
  • Purifies dockside water and raw seawater
  • Removes 95-99% of total dissolved solids
  • Produces the purest, cleanest water possible from a land or sea source
  • One-touch fully automatic system
  • Mechanical override

The Dometic Sea Xchange Spot Zero XTC-ZTC double-pass RO water purification system provides boaters with the ultimate flexibility in purifying feed water from not only a dockside potable water source, but also from a seawater or brackish water source.

From a dockside source, the Dometic Spot Zero ZTC series one-touch freshwater RO system will automatically remove 95-99% of the total dissolved solids before sending the purified water to the vessel's on-board tank.

When underway, the Dometic Sea Xchange XTC series one-touch seawater RO system will first process raw seawater and then send the product water to the ZTC system for purification. This unique, true double-pass system produces the purest, cleanest water possible – whether the source is from land or sea.

Dometic is the only company in the marine industry to offer this unique combination of high-quality water purification products.