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Americana DMC

Our Most Popular Fridge Now Has Compressor Cooling

Key Benefits

  • Powerful, efficient, variable-speed compressor cooling
  • Increased storage space
  • Smooth internal surfaces for easier loading & cleaning
  • Bright LED illumination
  • Electronic controls positioned at eye level
  • Three operational modes to meet your needs: Standard, Silent/Eco, and Power
  • Available in 6 and 8 cu. ft. (170 l and 226.5 l) models
  • Fits the same cutout dimensions as similarly sized Americana absorption models
  • Models available in 115VAC or dual-voltage 115VAC/12VDC

Dometic brings the power of compressor cooling to the Americana, our most popular line of built-in RV refrigerators.  Available in 6 and 8 cu. ft. (170 l and 226.5 l) models, the exterior dimensions remain the same as similar models, but there is more storage space inside the Americana DMC.

Large smooth internal surfaces replace the cooling fins of absorption models.  This provides more storage space inside both the freezer and fresh-food compartments.  The smooth surfaces are easy to clean and make loading the fridge simple.  A bright LED light illuminates the interior.

For more information, download the specification sheet.