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Central Vacuum Systems

Featuring Power, Comfort, and Convenience

Key Benefits

  • Complete systems and accessories
  • Ideal for home garage or RV installations
  • Powerful suction is suitable for any surface
  • Can be flush or surface mounted
  • One or two inlet valves
  • VacPort baseboard accessory with LED lights that is compatible with all central vacuum systems

Dometic Vacuum Systems offer three innovative vacuum solutions for your home garage or RV. The compact GarageVac is a wall-mounted, space-saving vacuum cleaner for your garage or shop.

The ultra compact Central Vacuum System for the home or RV fits under seats, in closets, or anywhere with a 6-in. depth; the Multiport Central Vacuum System has two inlet valves and fits anywhere with a 9-in. depth. The Vacport™ baseboard accessory is compatible with all central vacuum systems and activates with a slight touch of the toe.

Main image for GarageVac and VacPort