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Lighted Roller Tube

Convenient Cool White Lighting Is Built In

Key Benefits

  • Built-in lighting runs length of awning roller tube
  • Cool white LED light strip provides ample ambient light for outdoor activities
  • Low-energy consumption and waterproof LEDs ensure worry-free enjoyment
  • A simple tilt of the tube aims the light where you want it
  • No setup time
  • Nothing to connect or disconnect when opening or retracting the awning
  • Uses patent-pending Power Transfer Module for safety and durability
  • Perfect for over-the-slideout installations
  • Available with Dometic 9100 Power Patio Awnings

Read and play games under your awning at night with no extra lighting needed. Cool whiteLEDs are embedded in the awning’s roller tube, providing plenty of ambient light for your campsite.

The Lighted Roller Tube can be adjusted by tilting slightly to provide just the right angle of lighting. When the Power Patio Awning is installed over a slide room the Lighted Roller Tube extends over the slide out, putting light where you need it.

There is nothing to adjust and no wrapping of wires inside the roller tube. Power is transferred through the end of the awning to the LED strip via Dometic’s patent-pending Power Transfer Module.There are also no wires in the fabric assembly, which means longer fabric life and better durability for a safer product.

For more information, download the specification sheet.