PowerChannel For 9100 Power Awning - Dometic Corp


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PowerChannel For 9100 Power Awning

Convenient Power Connections In Awning Tube Eliminate Cord Clutter

Key Benefits

  • PowerChannel in awning's roller tube provides electricity for 12V accessories from Dometic
  • Simultaneous connection of multiple and different types of accessories
  • Uncluttered connection of accessories without any extension cords
  • Includes independently operated LED light strip
  • Lighted switches indicate LED and PowerChannel in-use
  • Patent-pending Power Transfer Module provides 15 amps of power
  • More Dometic accessories coming soon

Personalize your campsite with all the accessories you enjoy.

Dometic's patent-pending Power Transfer Module puts 15 amps of 12V power from the vehicle directly through the roller tube PowerChannel for easy, uncluttered connection of Dometic fans, lights, and speakers with no visible wires. Simply extend the awning and decide where you want to place your Dometic devices along the PowerChannel.

9100 power awning with power channel image