RMD8555 2-Door Refrigerator - Dometic Corp


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RMD8555 2-Door Refrigerator

2-Door Refrigerator Luxury

Key Benefits

  • Reduced weight up to 5%
  • Increased volume up to 8%
  • Redesigned high capacity cooling unit and burner technology
  • Two-door configuration – separate freezer compartment
  • 3-way operation: 115V AC, 12V DC, LP gas with AES
  • Sleek appearance
  • Hidden control panel, hinges, and mounting screws
  • Matte silver decor panels included
  • Fingertip opening
  • Integrated door locking and airing position
  • Flexible shelving arrangement

This modern absorption refrigerator is 5% lighter, offers up to 8% more volume, and features 3-way operation (115VAC, 12VDC, and LP gas) with low energy consumption and silent operation. Separate refrigerator and freezer doors provide maximum efficiency and the high-capacity cooling unit and burner deliver maximum performance in all climates.