Dometic acquires the Prostor, RV awning business from Brustor NV - Dometic Corp


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Dometic acquires the Prostor, RV awning business from Brustor NV

The Swedish Dometic Group has acquired the Prostor, RV awning division from the Belgian company Brustor NV thereby strengthening its position as a global supplier of products for Recreation Vehicles.

By the 1st of September, 2014 Dometic Group takes over the Prostor RV awning division from the Belgian company Brustor NV. Prostor is one of the leading European manufacturers of awnings for RV´s. With this acquisition Dometic will have access to a complete range of awnings and accessories for, primarily, Europe and Australia.

The Prostor Bike Rack range (E-Bike Lift) and the Prostor Parasol division are not part of this transaction and will stay in the Brustor Group.

“We are happy to announce that we from now on can offer our European customers a full range of awnings, with accessories, that are specially designed for our European vehicles and for our European conditions. The products out of the Prostor range will be an excellent extension to our Dometic Premium awning line” says Joachim Kinscher, President Dometic EMEA.

Already today, Dometic is one of the largest manufacturers of awnings world-wide for RV´s. However these products are designed and produced for the North American markets.

“The key rationale behind the acquisition is to continue and extend our product range and growth and to create a company that on a global level can be a full range supplier of comfort products to all types of recreational vehicles” says Roger Johansson, President and CEO, Dometic Group.

Prostor has more than 30 years of experience in production of awnings and are known for innovation, low weight, and high quality. Prostor production facility is located to Geluwe in Belgium.

“We believe that we have taken Prostor to a point where continued growth can only be materialized if the company is part of a larger organization with a global distribution and after sales support. There are very few such companies and we have found that Dometic Group is the best “new home” for Prostor” says Olivier Rogiest at Brustor NV. 

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