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EnviroComfort Air Conditioning Kits

Ideal for Easy Retrofits or New Installations

EnviroComfort (ECD) R-410A Retrofit Kits make replacing your old air conditioning system easy. For new installations, add the Installation Kit, which contains all plumbing and air distribution components for a complete A/C system.

ECD retrofit kit

The ECD Retrofit Kit is designed to replace an old boat air conditioning system

ECD Installation Kit

The Installation Kit includes plumbing and air distribution parts for a new A/C system

ECD dual duct kit

The optional Dual Duct Kit has components for treating a second interior space

ECO Holding Tank Vent Filter

Advanced Odor Removal – Easy to Install & Replace

With the first major change to the original SeaLand vent filter in over 25 years, Dometic delivers everything boaters want in vent filter performance and reliability. The ECO vent filter uses 55% less plastic than previous models and is constructed with earth-friendly, recyclable plastic components.

ECO Vent Filter

The ECO vent filter is designed as a direct replacement for previous SeaLand and Dometic vent filters.

ECO vent filter cross section

The innovative concave shape of the ECO vent filter assures that malodorous gases are completely filtered through activated odor-absorbing charcoal media. The result is more thorough odor elimination – and the assurance of more enjoyable boating.

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