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Blizzard NXT RV Rooftop Air Conditioner

Sleek Design With Maximum Output

Designed from the ground up, the Blizzard NXT has a powerful motor and fan, providing industry-leading 350 CFM air flow and advanced engineering that maximizes air flow around the evaporator coils for better and more efficient cooling performance.

Expanded polypropylene (EPP foam) construction provides better insulation, reduces weight and unwanted condensation.

The Blizzard NXT is sleek and aerodynamic, with a composite base pan and injection-molded shroud that are UV stable and rated for high impact.

Watch the video below:

Key Benefits

  • Attractive aerodynamic design
  • High-impact shroud and base pan
  • Higher air flow improves cooling performance
  • Vibration isolation minimizes compressor noise
  • EPP foam insulates better and reduces weight
  • Available in 13,500 and 15,000 BTUs

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