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Cruisair Branded Air Conditioning

Cruisair, a pioneer of marine air conditioning since the 1960s, continues to bring innovative air conditioning products to the marketplace.

Self-Contained A/C

Self-contained air conditioners are ideal for vessels up to 40 ft. and can be concealed under a bunk or in a locker or closet.

Self-Contained A/C »
Split-Gas A/C

Ideal for vessels up to 80 ft. split-gas systems consist of a condensing unit and one or more remote evaporating units.

Split-Gas A/C »
Tempered Water A/C

Intended for larger vessels, tempered water systems used a closed fresh-water loop between the chiller and multiple air handlers in the living spaces.

Tempered Water A/C »
Cabin Controls

Cruisair provides electromechanical and microprocessor-driven controls for the precise management of temperature and humidity levels in cabins.

Cruisair Controls »

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