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Toilet Systems

Get the most advanced toilet system that matches perfectly with your boat — whether it is a pleasure craft or workboat— from the marine sanitation experts at Dometic. Our range of toilet technologies offers a complete, premium-quality selection from one convenient source.

VacuFlush Toilets

VacuFlush technology uses stored vacuum energy and very little water to clear the bowl instantly and propel waste to the holding tank.

VacuFlush Toilet »
Vacuum Generators & Pumps

Wide selection of vacuum generators, vacuum pumps and vacuum tank components to fit a complete VacuFlush system in virtually any pleasure craft.

Vacuum Generators, Pumps & Tank »
MasterFlush Toilets

MasterFlush toilets pulverize waste with 64% less power and 33% lower amps per flush than competing toilet systems.

MasterFlush Toilets »
RushFlush Toilets

RushFlush toilets deliver high-velocity flushing and robust quality in an easy-to-install toilet system.

RushFlush Toilets »
Gravity Flush Toilets & Bidets

For commercial vessels, houseboats, and other toilet systems with direct discharge into a holding tank.

Gravity Flush Toilets & Bidets »
Holding Tanks

Proven in thousands of marine installations, SeaLand holding tanks provide clean, odor-free, and safe service for many years.

Holding Tanks »

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