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Air Conditioning

Dometic is the single-source solution for complete air conditioning systems and accessories for pleasure boats, megayachts, commercial workboats and military vessels.

Turbo A/C

Powerful, quiet and compact with no drain pan worries, the Turbo revolutionized self-contained marine air conditioning with patented innovations.

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Emerald A/C

Dometic's innovative Emerald series R-410A condensing units harness and maximize the impressive performance of R-410A refrigerant.

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Titan Chillers

Dometic's Titan chillers feature titanium condenser coils that resist erosion and corrosion and increase product lifespan.

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Specialty A/C

Dometic offers compact multi-ton units, low-profile units for height-restrictive installations, retrofit A/C kits, and DC-powered A/C kits.

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Special Applications

Dometic offers specialized equipment to satisfy unique requirements for pleasure boats and commercial workboats and military vessels.

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Cabin Controls

Dometic provides electromechanical and microprocessor-driven controls for the precise management of temperature levels in cabins.

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