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CRX Built-In Refrigerators

Key Benefits

  • Patented removable freezer compartment transforms the unit into a larger-capacity refrigerator-only or 17°F (-8°C) freezer-only (CRX-1050, -1065, and -1080)
  • Speed-controlled compressor is more efficient and reduces noise
  • Large fan overcomes high ambient temperatures
  • Bright LED illumination
  • Flat electronic control panel
  • High-performance tube and fin condenser
  • Reliable IR sensor activates bright interior LED light
  • Interior mounted electronic thermistor for accurate temperature measurements
  • When connected, the built-in drain will eliminate condensate when de-icing and liquids that spill inside the unit
  • Available in black, silver or stainless steel
  • Black and silver models include a flush-mount or space-saver flange (must be specified when ordering)
  • Flush-mount or space-saver flange must be ordered separately for stainless-steel models

With many innovative features, the CRX is a durable built-in refrigerator that is quiet, flexible and efficient. It is available in three sizes with storage capacities from 1.6 to 2.8 cu. ft.

Dometic’s patented removable freezer—an easy slide-out compartment—transforms the CRX into a refrigerator only, or a freezer only with temperatures going down to 17°F (-8°C).

The CRX is the first marine fridge to have an electronic control panel that fits flush into the side wall to provide more storage space and is within easy reach to operate. An infrared (IR) sensor replaces the less-reliable mechanically activated switch for illuminating the interior. The panel also contains soft-touch buttons for power and temperature setting, a bright LED light for illumination, a power-indicator LED, and an error-indicator LED that flashes system diagnostic codes.

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