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Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control

Dometic System Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Key Benefits

  • Interactive remote management
  • Secure access from Dometic global technical support
  • Plug-n-play networking software provides interactive solutions
  • Network automatically expands as Dometic products are installed
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy to configure
  • Free app for your iPhone, smart phone, iPad, tablet or computer

Image of STIIC software on a smart phone

Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control (STIIC) is a plug-n-play networking solution embedded in Dometic products. This revolutionary, user-friendly software connects Dometic systems such as air conditioning, watermakers, ice makers, refrigeration systems, engine ventilation systems, and more to the STIIC network and interactively communicates out of the box.

Monitor all your Dometic systems from one convenient location via mobile phone, tablet, or computer using a WiFi, Ethernet, or RS485 connection. Two-way interactive intelligence lets you monitor your systems and troubleshoot problems via a mobile device whether you are on the boat using WiFi or anywhere on the globe using the Internet.

For complete technical details, please download the spec sheet.

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