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CFX Portable Refrigerators/Freezers & Accessories

CFX Range Expands from 26 to 94.5 Liter Capacities

Key Benefits

  • CFX VMOS2 electronics with soft start and turbo cooler
  • Heavy-duty spring-loaded carry handles
  • Ergonomic control panel with user-friendly angle – blue LED display for clarity even in sunlight
  • Sturdy lid latch
  • Removable storage basket
  • Generous 10 mm wide lid seal gasket with air pocket for added insulation
  • Dual-zone models offer simultaneous refrigeration and freezing

Dometic's CFX portable refrigerators/freezers provide extreme cooling performance and efficiency plus rugged features.

CFX wireless display imageThe new CFX-28US and CFX-95DZUS expand the capacity range from 26 to 94.5 liters, while the CFX-35US, CFX-40US, CFX-50US and CFX-65DZUS round out the series with 35, 41, 50, and 61 liter capacities, respectively. Dual-zone models (65DZUS and 95DZUS) offer refrigeration and freezing simultaneously.

Dometic now offers an insulated protective cover for all models, a slide-out storage platform with 220-lb. load capacity, and wireless display (shown at left) with range up to 49 feet.

To see Dometic's complete line of portable coolers, refrigerators and freezers, please download the catalog.

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