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CT 4000 Series RV Toilets

Lightweight Cassette Toilets with Hygienic Ceramic Bowl

Key Benefits

  • Smartly designed, lightweight fixture is ideal for wide range of motorhomes and towables
  • Robust, full-circumference flush action cleans bowl
  • Ergonomic swivel seat allows installation in corner without sacrificing comfort
  • Sparkling, deep ceramic bowl liner promotes better hygiene and easier cleaning than all-plastic toilet
  • Flush-mounted electronic panel with water control and built-in tank level indicator is easy to operate and clean
  • Flush handle glides smoothly; valve is water- and air-tight
  • Cassette waste tank removal operates smoothly; tank insertion is quick and secure
  • Built-in extendable handle and sturdy wheels enable safe tank transport to dump facility

Dometic CT 4000 series toilets combine the compact installation and operation advantages of a cassette toilet system with homelike comfort and performance.

Popular in European caravans due to their light weight, ease of installation and user-friendly features, CT 4000 series cassette toilets offer many advantages to RV builders and owners in the USA. The full-size toilet provides the comfort and appeal of a home-like fixture, while the compact, removable cassette waste tank eliminates the need for a space-consuming, permanent waste tank under the vehicle. 

For more information, download the specification sheet.

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