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G-Series Geared Awnings

Operates Manually Or With Power

Key Benefits

  • Patent-pending separable crank handle
  • Power-driven operation with a ¼” drive screw gun
  • No electricitity needed
  • Only 7 steps to operate instead of 12
  • No lock levers or pull straps
  • Always in full control of extension and retraction
  • Precision-machined brass worm-gear drive components
  • Self-locking drive safety system
  • Travel locks keep hardware secure and rattle-free
  • No rewinding of springs
  • Simplified installation
  • Installation kit fits existing A&E and Dometic manual awning hardware

Open and close your awning in seconds with the G-Series Geared Awnings’ patent-pending separable crank handle.

Snap handle apart and put one end of the shaft into a ¼” drive screw gun and the other end into the cone shaped guide on the awning and press the trigger! No electricity needed. Or, keep the handle together to crank the awning manually.

For more information, download the specification sheet

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