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At Quartzsite RV Show Dometic Displays Portable Fridge/Freezers, RV Toilets and More

At this year’s Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show in Quartzsite, Ariz., outdoor enthusiasts can check out a wide range of products to help them make the most of their travel adventures.

QUARTZSITE, Ariz. – Jan. 13, 2016 – Recreational Vehicle and outdoor enthusiasts headed for the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show in Arizona – which starts on Saturday – should be sure to stop by Dometic Group’s booth to see the company’s newly released 2016 RV products. The company will exhibit at Booth #424-425.

At the show, which runs Jan. 16-24, RVers can see Dometic’s line of CFX portable fridge/freezers, porcelain toilets, rugged Avalanche Coolers, the new Dometic Milenco line of safety and security products, vacuum systems, air conditioners and trendy new accessories for inside and outside the RV. Free giveaways will include samples of holding tank treatments as well as sanitizing hand wipes.

This year’s Quartzsite exhibits include a special promotion on the new Dometic PowerChannel Accessories. PowerChannel technology provides a place to connect and run a spotlight, speaker and oscillating fan, with no messy cord clutter – inside or outside the RV. At the show, buy a two-foot PowerChannel Rail for $49.99 and get the PowerChannel LED Spotlight and Bluetooth Speaker free – over $100 in value. The PowerChannel Fan will be available for purchase separately.

Show attendees can purchase Dometic products from the following dealers: RV Lifestyles (1 mile offsite, offering a 10% coupon discount) or Safari Stores (on-site).

Here’s a run-down of key products Dometic will be showcasing, in addition to the PowerChannel Accessories:

  • CFX Line of Portable Fridge/Freezers. The CFX looks like a cooler, but is actually a portable fridge/freezer – no need for messy ice! Check out the two newest models, both with convenient soft-touch digital thermostats: The CFX-28, a single-zone unit that can be used either as a portable refrigerator or as a freezer, with 26 liters of storage capacity, and the CFX-95DZUS, the top-of-the-line dual-zone model with 85 liters of space in two independently functioning compartments, controllable from a smartphone app. The freezer function on CFX boxes, with powerful Dometic-build compressors, get as cold as minus 8 degrees Fahrenheit, to keep your ice cream rock-hard. The units run on 12V with low amp power draw; a built-in battery monitoring system ensures that you don’t drain your vehicle battery. Also on display will be the CFX Wireless Display for remote operation, custom-fit CFX Insulated Padded Covers and CFX Stainless Steel Slides to secure the CFX while driving.
  • Dometic RV Toilets.  Several models will be on display with 100% vitreous ceramic bowls, tall ergonomic seat height at 18”, as well as low-profile heights, optional hand spray, 2-bolt installation for easy installation and a best-in-class two-year warranty. Check out lightweight models, the Dometic 310 and 311, which offer a low-profile version at 13 3/4" high. Models 320 and 321 have a "like home" size and feel with deep, elongated bowl and a residential-style wooden seat. The low-profile version – ideal for pedestal installation – is 14" high.
  • Avalanche Coolers. The rugged Dometic Avalanche can keep food cold for 7 to 10 days, with ice or dry ice. It features stainless steel hardware and thick polyurethane insulation, with a freezer-style seal to lock in heat or cold. Molded handles make the cooler easy to transport. All-weather, heavy-duty “T” latches provide durability, and integrated stainless-steel hinges have auto lock. The lid has molded cup holders to hold drinks. Draining water out of the unit is simple with a two-inch drain plug, on a stainless steel chain so it never gets lost. The Avalanche comes in three models, the 35, 55 and 65 with storage capacities of 30, 49.7, and 62.1 quarts, respectively.
  • Milenco Safety & Security Products.  Dometic now offers Milenco’s line of high-quality towing mirrors, hand rails, and security locks. The award-winning products are known for their outstanding engineering, design and manufacturing. Towing mirrors include the Grand Aero™ 3 Towing Mirror, the Aero™ 3 Towing Mirror, the Aero™ 3 Blind Spot Mirror, as well as replacement parts. Security Products include the Dometic Milenco High Security Door Lock, the RV Locking Security Handrail, the RV Safety Handrail and Locking Hitch Pin.
  • Vacuum Systems from Dometic InterVac. Come and see Dometic’s interactive exhibit featuring the InterVac RVac™, for inside the RV, and the InterVac GarageVac™, for inside the garage or shop. The RVac is an ultra-compact system that easily installs under seats, in closets or storage compartments with 6 inches of depth. Its powerful suction is ideal for any surface. The unit comes with a 40’ flexible hose (retracts to 10’) with pistol grip, an aluminum telescoping wand, a combo rug/floor tool, an upholstery tool with removable brush, a dust brush, a crevice tool, a mesh storage bag, mounting brackets, 2 microfiber bags and 5’ power cord. The GarageVac™ is a wall-mounted, space-saving vacuum cleaner ideal for the garage or shop, offering powerful suction, with a 40-foot stretch hose and a self-contained tool caddy.

For downloadable photos of all the products on display in Quartzsite, visit this link. This press release is available at Company videos are here, Visit Dometic RV social sites at and

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