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Dometic Exhibits HVAC, Water Purifiers And Other Comfort Items At Miami Boat Show

Stop by booths C344, C354 and C348 to see Dometic’s innovative chillers, water purification technologies, fridges, toilets and more.

Pompano Beach, Fla. – Feb. 2, 2016Dometic Group, a global provider of comfort products for the marine industry, today announced at the Miami International Boat Show, to be held Feb. 11 through 15, it will be showcasing its newest, most advanced HVAC equipment and water purification equipment, as well as a range of comfort items for boats, such as the award-winning CRX refrigerator, Eskimo icemakers, industry-leading toilets and the Eskimo Cup refrigerated cup holder for boats.

“At this year’s show, we’re excited to be showcasing the new Dometic Titan Chiller with a revolutionary titanium condenser. This one-of-a-kind product for the leisure marine industry is virtually immune to erosion and corrosion from invasive sea life,” said Ned Trigg, Executive Vice President of Dometic’s Marine division. “Also be sure to check out the Dometic Spot Zero freshwater purification systems that provide spot-free rinsing inside and outside of the yacht, as well as sparkling clear ice and drinking water onboard.”

On display at Miami Booths C344, C354 and C348 will be:

Dometic Titan Chiller. The Titan Chiller is a 5-ton unit with a revolutionary new titanium coaxial tube condenser. Dometic’s smooth-tube Titan Chiller is the only product in the leisure marine industry to successfully eliminate cupronickel, making it virtually immune to erosion and corrosion. The patent-pending titanium condenser can withstand harsh acidic cleaning and high water velocity, which are necessary to keep water-cooled condensers free of invasive marine life. Confident in the superior durability of its titanium condensers, Dometic is offering a 5-year limited warranty on the Titan condenser. View a Titan video here.

Dometic VARC48 Variable Capacity Chiller.  The VARC48, winner of an IBEX Innovation Award, is a highly efficient variable capacity chiller that continuously provides just the right amount of cooling needed – reducing energy costs and the size of generator required. The VARC48 has a 1- to 4-ton (12,000 to 48,000 BTU) capacity and continuously adjusts itself to meet load demands. Its steady operation maintains a more constant load on the generator. Instead of turning on and off to maintain temperature, it speeds up or slows down as needed to produce more or fewer BTUs. Also, there is no in-rush of current when starting, reducing demand on the entire electrical system.

Dometic Spot Zero Water Purifiers.  The Dometic Spot Zero freshwater purification systems use reverse osmosis to remove 95-99% of total dissolved solids, viruses, cysts, and bacteria. The water provides spot-free cleaning without drying surfaces by hand. Also on display will be the XTC-ZTC – the first and only fully automatic, integrated double-pass reverse-osmosis system that can purify every source of yacht water, including seawater, brackish water, lake water, river water, or dockside water. It is also the first and only watermaker with mechanical override for full redundancy, and the only watermaker that can be operated and monitored remotely, via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Dometic Ship-Wide Ventilation Equipment. Refit professionals can check out a demo of ventilation components for yacht engine rooms, including a Dometic Mist Eliminator, Fan, Fire Damper, and Controller. The simulation will contain a working 24” axial fan, and can simulate temperature and pressure control of fans. It will also demonstrate an A-60 rated damper that can be closed to simulate fire conditions. Booth visitors can see how Dometic’s Ship-Wide Ventilation equipment can be used to prevent the spread of a fire, optimize performance and efficiency and extend the life of engines.

Dometic CRX 3-in-1 Built-In Fridge/Freezer. Be sure to check out the multiple award-winning Dometic CRX built-in fridge/freezer. The three-in-one CRX allows boaters to choose whether they’d like to use it as a traditional fridge/freezer, or slide the freezer compartment out to use the full unit as an entire refrigerator only, or an entire freezer only, with temperatures as low as 17°F. This year, the CRX won SAIL Magazine’s Pittman Innovation Award. At METS last year, the CRX won a DAME Design Award. View a CRX fridge/freezer video here.

Other exciting products on display at the Miami International Boat Show include Eskimo Ice fishbox ice makers, and the Dometic Eskimo Cup, the marine industry’s first refrigerated cup holder for boats. See an Eskimo Cup video here. The company will also be showcasing a wide range of VacuFlush and MasterFlush marine toilets, including the award-winning ORBIT toilet with a rotatable base for easy installation with plumbing from any angle.

This press release can be found at, and photos are available by clicking here. Find Dometic’s Marine division on Twitter @DometicMarine, on Facebook at and on YouTube at

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