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Dometic Launches the DM20, the First-Ever Totally Silent Drawer Minibar for the Hospitality Industry

The DM20 is a compact guestroom minibar that runs silently to enhance guest comfort. Its pullout drawer is specially designed to provide ease of access and visibility to guests.

Las Vegas, Nev. – May 12, 2015 – With 40 years of experience and more than 5 million minibars installed worldwide, Dometic Group today announced that it is launching the DM20, a totally silent, compact drawer-style minibar for hotel guestrooms, at the HD Expo show in Las Vegas, May 13-15. The DM20 is the first-ever silent drawer minibar for the hospitality industry. It is the compact version of the DM50, launched four years ago and used widely by international hotel chains, interior designers and architects of guestrooms worldwide.

“The new DM20 is specially designed for ease of access and visibility to guests, with a complete view of drinks and snacks at a glance,” said Fatiha Babou, Business Leader Lodging Americas for Dometic Group. “Dometic Group’s designers and engineers are pioneers in the development of versatile, silent-running minibars. With the DM20, they are again setting the pace in the minibar industry, providing a compact and versatile minibar that will meet the most demanding room design and architecture.”

The innovative DM20 not only helps hotels and owners generate revenue, it also reduces operating costs. The totally silent DM20 uses only 0.28 KwH/24h – the lowest energy consumption in its category. It features automatic defrost and a self-closing door, increasing cooling performance over the entire life cycle of the unit while further reducing energy consumption.

With 20 liters of volume, the compact DM20 unit comes with adjustable interior shelving and dividers to support various food and beverage selections. The unique patented design ensures all refreshment items are visible at a glance and accessible. It has an interior LED light for product viewing. The DM20 comes with a printed or glass front panel to draw the guest’s attention to the minibar. The unit front door can also be pre-prepared allowing the designer to fit and match his own furniture and decor.

“The DM20 was designed with guest comfort in mind. Its silent operation keeps the guest room completely quiet and restful. This, along with the easy-open drawer design, creates an atmosphere of luxury and convenience that builds guest loyalty,” said Doug Curtis, VP of Marketing, Dometic Americas.

For guestrooms with more space and bigger cabinets, the drawer minibar also comes in a larger capacity, the DM50. 

All Dometic products are not only designed and engineered by Dometic, but are also produced in Dometic-owned manufacturing facilities with the highest quality control standards.

Downloadable high-resolution photos of the DM20, and other Dometic products, can be found at this link: 2015 HD Expo. This press release is available at Find Dometic Lodging on Twitter @DometicAmericas and on YouTube at

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