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Dometic Showcases Watermaker, Ship-Wide Ventilation Innovations at Offshore Technology Conference

Dometic’s products promote the comfort and safety of those working offshore or at sea.

Pompano Beach, Fla. – April 26, 2016Dometic Group, a global provider of comfort products for the marine industry, today announced that it will be showcasing its line of innovative commercial marine products at the Offshore Technology Conference, from May 2-5 in Houston.

At the Offshore Technology Conference, booth 6812, the company will be exhibiting two product innovations that promote the comfort and safety of those working at sea or on offshore oil platforms: the Sea Xchange CX Watermaker, an advanced reverse osmosis system that turns seawater into potable water, and Ship-Wide Ventilation Equipment, a full line of engine ventilation equipment that reduce moisture, optimize engine performance and promote fire safety.

Product lines Dometic will be showcasing include:

  • Dometic Sea Xchange CX Watermaker.  The CX is a fully-automatic, high-capacity watermaker that can produce between 8,000-40,000 gallons per day of potable water. It is a variable capacity system, and can reduce output when demand is lower. It is also the only watermaker that offers full mechanical and electrical backup to the automated features on the system. The CX comes with remote, offsite monitoring capabilities. Sea Xchange CX systems also provide built-in maintenance features designed to maintain system components and membranes; it includes an automatic, fully programmable, freshwater flush. 
  • Dometic Ship-Wide Ventilation Equipment.  At the booth, Dometic will have a working demo of ventilation components for engine rooms, including a Dometic Mist Eliminator, Damper, Fan, and Controller. The simulation will contain a working 24” axial fan, and can simulate temperature and pressure control of fans. It will also demonstrate an A-60 rated damper that can be closed to suppress fire conditions. Booth visitors can see how Dometic’s Ship-Wide Ventilation equipment can be used to prevent the spread of a fire, optimize performance and efficiency and extend the life of engines.

“We look forward to spending time with attendees of the Offshore show to explain how the CX watermaker, our Ship-Wide Ventilation line and our other products can be used for the comfort and safety of those working on commercial vessels or offshore,” said Ned Trigg, Executive Vice President of Dometic’s Marine division.

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