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Dometic to Exhibit HiPromatic Line of Automatic Minibars at HD Expo

The HiPromatic minibar automatically senses when guests remove a drink or snack; charges are transmitted wirelessly to simplify guest billing, increasing revenue and reducing losses for hospitality companies.

Las Vegas, Nev. – April 30, 2015 – With 40 years of experience and more than 5 million minibars installed worldwide, Dometic Group, leading supplier of minibars to the hotel industry, today announced that it will be exhibiting the HiPromatic line of automatic minibars at HD Expo, the hospitality design trade show set for May 13-15 in Las Vegas. Dometic Lodging will be showing the HiPromatic 3000, a 30-litre class automatic minibar that can accommodate 22 drinks and snacks. Dometic will also exhibit a range of other guestroom comfort products for hotels, motels and cruise ships, at booth #2952.

The HiPromatic minibar automatically monitors guest consumption and product movements, optimizing the time and efficiency of those responsible for refilling the minibars. The HiPromatic provides refillers with detailed reports on rooms that need to be visited and refilled, as well as precise information on products that need to be restocked in each minibar.

Using revolutionary Dometic Flex-sensing technology, totally flat and with no moving parts, the HiPromatic system registers when a guest removes a bottle, can or snack. Actual guest consumption is then transmitted wirelessly to Dometic’s server, which then transfers the charge into the hotel’s Property Management System, posting the charge directly to the guest’s bill.

“Hotels, can save time and boost revenues with the HiPromatic minibar. It reduces the need for minibar attendants to visit all rooms every day to check on the guests’ consumption. This improves staff productivity while also dramatically reducing losses for the hotel on their minibar operations,” said Fatiha Babou, Business Leader Lodging Division Americas. “Billing is also simple, as each guest’s consumption is wirelessly transmitted and directly sent to the hotel Property Management System, where it is applied to the guest account.”

The HiPromatic’s automatic minibar system can produce reports on product menus, stock inventory, product expiry dates and product sales analyses, as well as many other reports. Windows-based and user friendly, Dometic’s HiPromatic software, D-Win, can be configured to send reports to key hotel decision players, automatically, at any pre-set time and recurrence.

The HiPromatic, which comes in capacities of 30, 40 and 60 liters, runs totally silently, featuring Dometic’s industry-leading totally silent absorption technology. The HiPromatic is certified lowest energy consumption on absorption, further maximizing hotels’ operating profits and making the unit one of the most cost-effective minibars on the market.

German-made and engineered in Dometic’s own manufacturing facilities, all three models – the HiPromatic 3000, 4000 and 6000 – feature several standard features. These include battery back-up, an internal electronic locking system, internal LED light and white inner liner. Each minibar also comes with a choice of door décor panels, door racks or flat door configurations.

The HiPromatic range offers an option to include ambient shelves for unrefrigerated products such as red wine, chips or snacks.

The plug-and-play HiPromatic is simple to install, with only an AC outlet required. The Dometic wireless network works independently of the hotel WiFi protocol, so downtime is never an issue. The HiPromatic minibars use the ZigBee communications protocol, creating a self-organizing mesh network to transmit data securely over large areas. If required, the HiPromatic can also be configured for Ethernet or the RS485 standard.

Downloadable high-resolution photos of the HiPromatic, and other Dometic products, can be found at this link: 2015 HD Expo. Find Dometic Lodging on Twitter @DometicAmericas and on YouTube at

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