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Dometic to Showcase Windows®-Based Minibar Technology at HITEC

Dometic’s DWIN – a powerful technology for monitoring minibar consumption – offers extensive data and analytics to help hotels reduce labor costs and maximize revenue.

Austin, Texas, – June 9, 2015Dometic Group, the leading supplier of minibars to the hotel industry – with 40 years’ experience and over 5 million minibars installed worldwide – today announced that it will be showcasing its innovative DWIN solution, a powerful technology for monitoring and managing automatic minibars, at HITEC, the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference in Austin, Texas. Dometic will be exhibiting at Booth 757 June 15-18.

Show participants can visit Dometic’s booth to learn how DWIN, a Windows®-based software, helps hotels gain significant visibility into all their minibar activities. DWIN can generate extensive data and analytics, providing configurable reports on sales, profit and loss, inventory, staff refilling and more. At the booth, attendees can try out the intuitive, easy to use software, and check out Dometic’s HiPromatic line of automatic minibars, which work hand-in-hand with the DWIN solution.

Dometic developed DWIN to help large hotels with high occupancy rates reduce their labor costs and maximize sales revenue in their minibar operations. DWIN works seamlessly with data collected by the Dometic HiPromatic minibar’s internal Flex-sensing technology, which registers and records every time an item is removed. DWIN receives this information for reporting purposes; charges are automatically transmitted to the hotel’s property management system (PMS) for customer billing.

“The combined power of Flex-sensing and DWIN reduces the need for minibar attendants to visit all rooms every day to check on guest consumption,” said Fatiha Babou, Business Leader, Lodging Division Americas. “The labor savings with automatic minibars is significant: A hotel equipped with 600 manual minibars will have around six attendants responsible for refilling. By contrast, a hotel equipped with 600 automatic minibars will only need two attendants for refilling.”

DWIN also helps hotels reduce the problem of unreported minibar consumption. “DWIN can help a large hotel reduce its minibar losses to just 4-5%, on average. The result: The hotel ends up increasing its revenues per minibar, and at the same time boosting its operating profit,” she added.

Hotel managers can use DWIN to generate powerful intelligence such as guest sales reports, profit and loss analyses, and product sales analyses to assess which products are best-sellers, and which ones have weak sales. The reports specify margin achieved, volume sold, and other information to help F&B management review and improve the menu of products they are offering to their guests. Managers can also get reports on stock inventory, refillers’ activities and efficiency, and maintenance to be undertaken.

DWIN reports can be scheduled to be emailed to different users at recurring times, such as every day at 8 am, once per week, or every month. Reports are configurable for any period of time – by day, week, month, quarter or year.

In addition to reporting, hotels use DWIN to control the electronic locking operation of each minibar. It can also be used to manage the inside temperature of the units, raising or lowering the temperature, and even completely switching off minibars if the hotel is going through refurbishment or a period of low occupancy.

“Dometic stands apart from other providers of hotel minibars. We design, engineer and produce all of our equipment in Dometic facilities, guaranteeing top quality and durability,” said Doug Curtis, VP of Marketing for Dometic Americas.

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