Marine: Dometic Introduces Livos Ship-Wide Ventilation & Commerical Watermakers at OTC


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Dometic introduces new Dometic Livos product range at OTC

2014 Offshore Technology Conference, May 5 to 8, Houston TX, USA.

Dometic Marine will introduce its new Dometic Livos product range, following the October 2013 acquisition of engine room ventilation company Livos Technologies Inc. at this year’s OTC in Texas. The new marine ventilation equipment includes products such as axial fans, centrifugal blowers, smoke and fire dampers, mist-eliminating grilles and electronic fan controls.

Also at OTC, a 2,200 gallons per day (8,328 liters) reverse osmosis watermaker ideal for offshore oil platforms, petroleum support vessels, commercial ships, tugs, tank barges and workboats will be among the Dometic Marine products on display.

Using reverse osmosis to make potable water, the Dometic Sea Xchange SX Series and Commercial CX Series of watermakers provide fresh water solutions for the most demanding commercial marine applications. Ranging in sizes up to 20,000 GPD (75,708 liters per day), these systems are used globally on offshore oil platforms, petroleum support vessels, commercial ships, military vessels, hotels, island applications and for various remote necessities. The system allows vessels to stay at sea for extended durations without water-supply concerns, providing flexibility and reassurance when working offshore.

The launch of the Dometic Sea Xchange system follows the confirmation of an exclusive worldwide marketing agreement with Spot Zero Reverse Osmosis Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., USA. Under this agreement, Dometic will market and sell Spot Zero watermakers as it expands its presence in the fresh water and sea water reverse osmosis systems marketplace.

Joe Pinto, a national authority on fresh water and sea water reverse osmosis systems, was appointed by Dometic earlier this year as National Account Manager – Reverse Osmosis Systems.

“Customers in the oil & gas industry truly know what it means to rely on an essential piece of equipment for survival offshore. A durable and reliable watermaker is such a piece of equipment, because without water we cannot survive,” said Pinto. “Designed and built to withstand the harsh marine environment, Dometic’s commercial systems provide a virtually limitless supply of clean, pure, fresh water where ever it is needed. Our customers are further supported by Dometic’s 24/7 global service network to provide customers with whatever assistance they might be looking for.”

The Dometic products on display at OTC include:

Dometic Livos range of ship-wide ventilation products
Dometic Livos Commercial Grade Fans and Blowers provide cooling and/or combustion air for marine machinery spaces. Materials are chosen with corrosion resistance and weight in mind. Available in both marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel, Dometic’s Smoke and Fire Dampers close off the engine space in the event of a fire. The Dometic Livos Mist-Eliminating Grilles stop corrosive salt mist and water from entering the engine room and are available in four drainage options: bottom draining, face draining, horizontal draining and sump draining.

Dometic Sea Xchange Sea Water Reverse Osmosis system
Featuring a compact design, high-quality components and a user-friendly interface, the new Dometic SX Series of watermakers come in a range of sizes: The SX600, with a daily capacity up to 600 gallons (2,271 liters), the SX1200 with a daily capacity up to 1,200 gallons (4,542 liters), the SX1800 with a daily capacity up to 1,800 gallon (6,813 liters) and the SX2200, with a daily capacity up to 2,200 gallons (8,328 liters). Each SX unit is 18.5” x 48” x 24” (47 cm x 122 cm x 61 cm). Weight ranges from 145 pounds (66 kg) for the lowest-capacity unit to 175 pounds (80 kg) for the highest-capacity unit. Dometic’s Commercial CX Series is available in a variety of sizes starting at 10,000 GPD (37,854 liters per day) through 20,000 GPD (75,708 liters per day). Larger models are also available.

Dometic Vectronic electronic equipment cooling unit
HVAC systems specialist Dometic Marine has extended its range of self-contained systems with the development of a new air conditioning unit specifically adapted to cool electronics and other equipment in a harsh, workboat environment. The new Vectronic electronic equipment cooling unit is an 18,000 BTU water-cooled unit that features a mounted custom-made digital controller and circuit board to provide precise operation. It has been designed to maintain ideal temperatures under electronics consoles, in engine rooms and machine spaces to prevent critical components from over-heating.

Dometic Radome air conditioning unit
Ideal for cooling larger domes on ships, the air-cooled Radome Environmental Control Unit (ECU) is specifically designed to maintain optimum temperatures for the sensitive electronics within a dome enclosure, and exceeds cooling requirements of workboats and military vessels. Small and lightweight, the ECU has corrosion-resistant components.

Dometic RushFlush (water jet) toilet
Dometic Marine’s RushFlush toilet series is ideally suited to commercial and offshore vessels that accommodate high-flow toilet systems. RushFlush toilets use high-velocity water jets to macerate and flush waste, while also delivering easy plug-and-play installation, premium comfort and robust, long-lasting quality.

Dometic DuraSea DX Condensing Unit
This rugged marine grade stainless-steel condensing unit for direct expansion systems is air-cooled and provides 60,000 BTUs (5 tons) of cooling power. Designed to resist sea spray and rough weather, it mounts on an exterior deck.

Dometic DuraSea Chiller
Based on the ground-breaking rugged and durable DuraSea DX Condensing Unit, this chiller version comes in a range of 60,000 to 120,000 BTUs (5-10 tons). As a chiller, it makes system loop water cold for distribution to air handlers located throughout the boat. Designed for mounting on an exterior deck, it resists sea spray and rough weather.

For further information, please visit Dometic’s Booth 6819 or AER Booth 6604 at OTC 2014.

Press releases on these products, and downloadable high-resolution photos, can be found at the Dometic Pressroom. Find Dometic Marine on Twitter, on Facebook and on YouTube.

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