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Frequently Asked Questions

300, 310, and 320 Series Pedal Toilets and 4310 All-Ceramic Electronic Toilets

  1. My vacuum breaker with hand sprayer spits water – If a hand sprayer is attached to the toilet, use the sprayer to purge the air out of the hose.

  2. My vacuum breaker spits water – If there is not a hand sprayer attached to the toilet, a leaking vacuum breaker must be replaced. Refer to toilet’s parts list for the replacement kit number.

  3. My toilet won’t add water until flush ball opens – Simply secure the water valve with one or both screws provided with the water valve. Replacement kit 385311641 (entire water valve kit for 300, 310 and 320 series toilets)

  4. My water valve leaks – Possible freeze damage. In Jan. 2015, Dometic changed the water valve to a much more robust and freeze-resistant material. Older valves may be more susceptible to freeze damage. Remember that freeze damage can occur at the OEM or dealer. Replacement kit 385311641.

  5. Water leaks between the bowl and base – 300, 310 and 320 series toilets cannot be disassembled. If leaking, the toilet must be replaced.

  6. How do I tighten a loose seat? – Pop up the toilet seat hinge caps and tighten the bolts.

  7. My toilet won’t hold water – Depress foot pedal and push down all around the rubber seal to place it back into position.

  8. I have a wobbly toilet – Tighten the mounting nuts at the base on each side of the toilet.

  9. My 4310 toilet flush ball won’t operate – No power to flush ball motor or polarity is reversed. Check power supply and/or polarity of wire connections.

  10. My 4310 toilet water valve won’t operate – Possibly, no water to toilet or loose wire at electronic water valve. If not a water supply or power issue, replace the water valve. Replacement kit 385311545.

The following questions pertain to Dometic MasterFlush macerator toilets.

  1. The toilet won’t operate – No power or reversed polarity to control module.

  2. I hear a clunking noise when the toilet operates – Foreign material flushed down toilet.

  3. There’s no water during flush – Possibly: the water is not turned on; bad connection from the control module to the toilet; loose wire at the water valve or a defective water valve.

  4. The toilet will not flush nor add water – Bad connection on wall switch cable. Reattach or replace cable.

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