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Frequently Asked Questions

Dometic Classic (RM2820 and RM2620) Refrigerators

  1. Once I’ve turned my unit on, what’s the next step to get it going?

    1. Press the AUTO/GAS mode selector button to turn ON the Auto lamp. If 120 volts AC is available, the AC mode indicator lamp will illuminate indicating AC operation. If 120 volts AC is not available, the GAS mode indicator lamp will illuminate and the control system will automatically switch to GAS operation. 2. If the CHECK indicator lamp illuminates and the GAS mode indicator lamp is off, the controls have failed to ignite the burner in the GAS mode. GAS operation may be reset by pressing the main power ON/OFF button to the OFF then ON positions.

  2. How do I operate the temperature settings?

    The thermostat on the refrigerator controls both the gas and electric operation, thereby eliminating the necessity of resetting each time a different energy source is employed. After the initial start-up, the thermostat should be moved from “COLDEST” to the desired temperature setting, usually about mid setting.

  3. What happens to my food if a major component of the unit malfunctions?

    This refrigerator is equipped with what is called the “Limp Mode” of operation where the control system will continue to operate the cooling system in the event of a failure of a major operating component. Two different modes of operation can occur in this category. If for some reason the display module becomes non-functional, the control system will revert to full automatic operation by selecting the best energy source available with AC, GAS priority. The temperature of the refrigerator will be maintained at the MID position within normal temperature tolerances. The power module will continually attempt to re-establish operation of the display module. The second limp mode of operation will execute when a failure of the temperature sensing device or associated electronic circuitry occurs. If this should occur, the control system will operate on the energy source selected via the control panel. The cooling unit will run continuously on the selected energy source. The refrigerator will continue to operate in this mode indefinitely or until a new sensor is installed and the system is reset.

  4. What do I do if my unit has been turned off for a while or I change the LP gas tank and it won’t fire back up?

    Most likely it means that you need to purge air from the gas supply lines. To purge air from the lines, turn the refrigerator off and on by pressing the ON/OFF button. If the flame is not lit within 45 seconds, turn the refrigerator off and back on again. This procedure can be repeated 3 to 4 times. If repeated attempts fail to start the LP gas operation, check to make sure that the LP gas supply tanks are not empty and that all manual shutoff valves in the lines are open. If the problem persists, turn the refrigerator off and take it to a Service Center.

  5. Is there a quicker way to make ice than just waiting until it happens?

    For faster ice making, the trays should be placed in direct contact with the freezer shelf. Ice will be made more rapidly if the thermostat is set at its highest position. It is a good idea to do this a few hours before the anticipated need for ice, but be sure to move back to normal setting, usually about mid setting when the ice is formed. Food in the lower compartment may be frozen if the setting is left on “COLDEST” position.

  6. Sometimes when I open the refrigerator door a strong odor comes out. What could be causing it?

    The food storage compartment is completely closed and unventilated, which is necessary to maintain the required low temperature for food storage. Consequently, foods having a strong odor or those that absorb odors easily should be covered.

  7. What can I do to reduce frost build-up?

    The easiest way to prevent frost buildup, which can reduce efficiency, is to wipe excess moisture off items being placed in the compartment.

  8. What’s the best way to defrost my unit?

    Shut off the refrigerator by pressing the main power ON/OFF button to the UP (OFF) position. Empty the refrigerator, leaving the drip tray under the finned evaporator, and the cabinet and freezer doors open. Filling the ice trays with hot water and placing them in the freezer compartment can reduce defrosting time.

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