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New Products, Events, and Specials from Dometic

In the Miami Area? Check us out at the 2015 Miami Boatshow!

As the US economy continues to strengthen, there’s good reason to believe that the boating industry is in for a great 2015 season. The economy is certainly cooperating: Fuel prices are dropping, the stock market is strong and consumer confidence is firmly on the upswing, all factors that encourage leisure boaters to relax and enjoy the ride.

Dometic is ready for a banner year with a strong lineup of new products at the Miami Boat Show – for vessels of all sizes, from small powerboats to cruisers, sportfishing boats, sailboats and yachts.

Product Spotlight: Thermoelectric Cup Cooler

NEW Thermoelectric Cup Cooler

A soda or beer may be cold enough when you pull it out of the ice chest, but from that moment on, it starts warming up. Now, for the first time in the history of boating, your beverage will actually get colder as you drink it. The brings a new element of luxury and comfort onboard.

The Dometic Cup Cooler is the first thermoelectric refrigerated cup holder for boats.

Columbia Schooner Sets Sail with Dometic on Board!

Brian D’Isernia, owner of Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc. in Panama City, Florida, had a dream – to build a replica of the Columbia, a 141’ classic Gloucester Fishing Schooner built in Massachusetts and launched in April 1923. Mr. D’Isernia’s dream came true last summer when the custom-built schooner was launched, 91 years after the original was built.

thermoelectric cup cooler


Cup cooler

Make Your Last Sip Colder Than Your First.

Learn more about Dometic's full range of Marine products that will bring comfort while you sail the open seas.

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