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New Products, Events, and Specials from Dometic

Great News for Dometic Dealers!

Dometic is launching a new website that will allow you to request spec sheets and catalogs online! Just visit our Fulfillment Center to sign up! Once registered, you can order up to 50 sheets of product literature for free each month.

As the warm weather approaches, Dometic is looking forward to a fun and exciting RV season. We are currently gearing up for the FMCA Great Lakes Area Rally in Goshen, Ind., in early June. We will have a wide variety of products to show, from our D™ Line of cleaning products to kitchen appliances, compact vacuum cleaners, awnings and much more. It's going to be a busy summer!

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Product Spotlight: Dri-Rac™ and LP GasChecker™


For those RVers who sometimes have trouble finding places to hang damp or wet towels, Dometic has an innovative solution: The Dometic Dri-Rac. The Dri-Rac™ is the perfect accessory that adds drying space to kitchens and bathrooms.

Its unique patented design allows airflow between wet fabrics, providing ample space for multiple towels. The result: Shorter drying time and clean, fresher-smelling towels.


It’s grilling season! No one wants to run out of propane gas.

Dometic has a perfect way for RVers to monitor their propane levels, for their kitchen stoves or outdoor grills, with the Dometic LP GasChecker™. It uses ultrasound technology to provide reliable measurements of liquid propane levels, and works on all standard propane tanks.

Dometic has a super countertop display, which can be placed near your cash register to encourage impulse buys of this must-have gadget.




FMCA's Family Reunion

Dometic wins Best Overall Tailgate Product by Tailgater Magazine & The National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Nev., this month!

Dometic's CFX Portable Freezers & Refrigerators rocked the show! Standing out as a one-of-a-kind product with unmatched performance, our CFX boxes offer the greatest flexibility in portable cooling with no ice to buy an no icy/watery mess to clean up!

Learn more about Dometic's full range of RV products that provide comfort while on the road.

This month, check out our RV Season how-to video featuring:

  • Dometic’s LP GasChecker™
  • Perfect way to monitor propane levels while grilling or cooking in an RV
  • Weighs less than an ounce, this practical device can tell you in just a few seconds how full - or empty - a propane tank is.
  • Ultrasound technology provides reliable measurements of liquid propane levels.

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