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New Products, Events, and Specials from Dometic

GLAMARAMA was a blast this year!

Thank you to all those who stopped by the Dometic booth to check out our products. Booth visitors received some great samples, including D™ Line liquid and drop-in holding tank treatments, and Fresh ‘N Up Antibacterial Moist Towelettes.

We also had a great crowd for the tour of our refrigerator plant in Elkhart. Many thanks to the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) for running the tour with us! This tour offered a rare glimpse of Dometic’s innovative engineering and manufacturing facility. The people who took the tour were greatly impressed with Dometic’s quality control, robotics and showroom full of products. We appreciate all those who took the time to wait in line for tickets and go on the tour!

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Product Spotlight: Avalanche™ Cooler


When traveling, camping, picnicking or tailgating, it’s great to have a cooler that can keep food cold for longer than a few hours. Introducing the Dometic Avalanche Ultimate Outdoor Cooler! The Avalanche can keep food cold – with conventional ice or dry ice – for 7 to 10 days, making it a perfect accessory for summer fun.

SlideTopper™ Replacement Fabric

The Dometic SlideTopper is a highly effective product to protect and extend the life of an RV slide out. The SlideTopper helps keep sun, sap, dirt, leaves pine needles, tree branches, snow and other debris off the slide-out roof, and out of the RV interior.

Although the SlideTopper is easy to clean, it’s also a good idea to replace the fabric after a few years of heavy use. Dometic’s SlideTopper Replacement Fabric can be used to replace, or repair, your existing SlideTopper fabric.




SlideTopper Replacement Fabric

Glamarama Demo

Dometic displays and demos our new Power Channel Awning and Accessories at the Glamarama Rally in Goshen, Ind.

Dometic's Power Channel Awning & accessories were a hit! The power channels roller tube provides electricity without cords for 12V accessories including fans, lighting, or speakers!

Learn more about Dometic's full range of RV products that provide comfort while on the road.

This month, check out our RV Season how-to video featuring:

  • Dometic’s SlideTopper™
  • Protect the top of RV Slide-out rooms from weather, debris, and mildew
  • Modernized design for clean aesthetics and Easy installation
  • Easy to replace with Dometic's SlideTopper Replacement Fabric

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