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Make a Clean Sweep Before Fall!

Vacuums, Vacuums, Vacuums!

Last month, Dometic rolled into the Family Motor Coach Association’s (FMCA) 92nd Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase Rally in Madison, Wisc. The rally, held July 29 through Aug. 1, was a big success, providing a great opportunity for Dometic to meet and greet RV dealers as well as RV enthusiasts.

Attendees had a chance to see our entire range of products – from awnings and HVAC, to kitchen equipment, toilets, air purifiers, holding tank accessories, the handy LP Gas Checker, and much more. Attendees interested in cleaning equipment and supplies were able to check out Dometic’s RVac line of Central Vacuum Systems, the Dometic GarageVac™, D™ Line Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator and the D™ Line Premium RV Awning Cleaner.

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Product Spotlight: Awning Replacement Fabric & Vacuum Cleaners

RVac™ & GarageVac

The RVacTM is an ultra-compact system that easily installs under seats, in closets or storage compartments with 6 inches of depth. Its powerful suction is ideal for any surface – on the RV or at home.

The unit comes with a 40’ flexible hose (retracts to 10’) with pistol grip, an aluminum telescoping wand, a combo rug/floor tool, an upholstery tool with removable brush, a dust brush, a crevice tool, a mesh storage bag, mounting brackets, 2 microfiber bags and 5’ power cord plugs into any standard power source.

Awning Replacement Fabrics

Dometic has some fresh colors for awning replacement fabrics! Your customers can choose the perfect fabric to complement their vehicles, including sandstone, bark, onyx, meadow green, azure, maroon, rodeo (with horse pattern) and race flag. Fabrics are double-sided vinyl that is UV and mildew resistant, for long-lasting shade.

One piece of fabric fits Carefree, Lippert, and Dometic A&E Awnings. The fabric comes in eight sizes, from 14 feet to 21 feet.


GarageVac & RVac Plus






Awning Replacement Fabric

RVac Plus Promo

Fall into Savings with Dometic! Get 10% off through August 25 when you buy two of each! Shop now using promo code PRNH15 (RVac and VacPort) or PRNI15 (GarageVac)!

Dometic's RvacPlus CSRME & VacPortare on sale! Take advantage of this great deal! Offer valid for delivery through August 25 when you purchase two of each. Get a free display!

Learn more about Dometic's full range of RV products that provide comfort while on the road.

This month, check out our RV Season how-to video featuring:

  • Dometic’s Central Vacuum Systems
  • RVac™ Plus, VacPort™, and GarageVac™ and accessories
  • A variety of accessories available for each product

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