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Design miniBar Range

Style and function at its best

A Dometic miniBar belongs to the standard of leading hotels, no matter how many stars it has. And while the extreme comfort and advanced technology of our miniBars ensures fully satisfied guests, our special design models add a very enticing appearance.

  • Modern design. Perfect harmony of form and function, design and handling.
  • Entirely noiseless operation. Apart from the fact that Dometic’s absorption technology is eco-friendly, it also respects your guests’ need for peace and quiet.
  • Controlled performance. The unique, sensor-controlled cooling unit (CUC System) ensures perfect cooling performance.
  • Fuzzy Logic Energy Control. Our patented FuzzyLogic control software ensures the lowest possible energy and operating costs when using absorption-type miniBars. Independent tests of the energy consumption have proven that a Dometic miniBar considerably cuts your energy expenses, even compared to other absorption-type models. Depending on the number of units, you can easily save thousands of Euro per year.*
  • Environment friendly. Dometic miniBars are free of CFCs and HCFCs. Just as important: Only Dometic factories are certified as per ISO 9001 and ISO 14001/EMAS, which guarantees both top quality and ecological compatibility.
  • No need of maintenance. Dometic miniBars are maintenance-free and immune to the usual wear and tear, so they do not create any problem for your in-house maintenance department.

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