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CT 4000

Cassette toilet with ceramic inlay and integrated flush water tank

The CT 4000 is a cassette toilet with a easy to clean slightly scratch resistant toilet bowl, a ceramic inlay on a plastic block, which has a weight-reducing effect and also a extreme rigidity compared to other rotatable toilets guaranteed.

The rotation is realized on the seat. Especially for small bathrooms which CT 4000 allows an optimal utilization of the space. If the seating position is defined, another adjustment is usually not necessary, because the toilet is round and not in the way. A clever and attractive solution which on top of that is very hygienic.

The removable dirt water tank with transport friendly wheels and a stable 2-pole telescopic handle offers 19 liter capacity. If the tank would be removed for emptying, a warning signal advices you, that you should wait a moment before using the toilet.

  • With ceramic inlay - aesthetic and especially easy to clean
  • Space-saving seat
  • Seat can be adjusted by up to 90° in both directions
  • Supplied with service hatch
  • Caddy tank on wheels
  • Tank monitor
  • With integrated flush water tank
  • Colour: white
Technical Data 
Flush water tank capacity (l) 7
Measurements (H x W x D) (mm) 672 x 382 x 500
Net weight (kg) 12,5
Voltage (V) 12

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