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CleanCook: A reliable alcohol stove

Ethanol and/or methanol fueled stoves for healthy air and healthy people

As a high-performing alcohol stove, the CleanCook is uniquely able to provide significant health benefit to millions of families who currently must cook using dirty and dangerous fuels - wood, dung, crop residues or charcoal.  WHO has identified indoor air pollution as a major contributor to acute respiratory disease, which is a leading cause of death for women and children.

The CleanCook not only burns cleanly but is extremely safe to use. This proven stove has major social, economic and geoeconomic advantages.

Main Sales Contact

Business opportunities and Sales

Mr. Ted Örbrink
Phone +46 8 501 025 64
Fax +46 8 501 025 99

Sales Contact Africa

Sales contact Sub Saharan Africa

Mr. Cedric Gindra
Phone +27 11 450 49 78
Fax +27 11 450 49 76

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