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Technology for life

Dometic devotes its extensive expertise in the area of applied special refrigeration technology in order to ensure optimal quality and safety. These are mandatory for a proper, legally compliant cold chain for vital and temperature-sensitive life preserving preparations. Dometic's efforts in this field resulted in the concept “Technology for life”, which forms the basis of the continual advancement of all product ranges of the “Medical Systems” division.


Nowadays Dometic exports reliable refrigerators, freezers as well as transport boxes for vaccines, blood and blood products, laboratory and pharmaceutical issues in the whole world. The products cover the spectrum of the specific and exacting needs of the market: hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, blood banks, research centres, biotechnology and universities.

Our expertise in this area goes back to the year 1979, when the product range Cold Chain was selected by the international health organization to ensure the effectiveness of the cold chain for vaccines worldwide. With its brandnew product family Biotech Systems comprising a line of high reliable safety cabinets, incubators and ovens Dometic Medical Systems is now able to offer a complete product range all around the requirements for a safe medical technology, a technology for life.


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