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TCW 2000 AC

Icelined vaccine refrigerator or freezer

The TCW 2000 AC is designated for urban health centers and district stores. It has a refrigerator and a freezer compartment. A row of 36 ice-packs filled with partly frozen water surrounds the refrigerated area acting as the cold source when the current is cut off 4 removable wire-baskets.

Outer and inner body made of rotomoulded polyethylene; a nearly indestructible plastic material which is corrosion free. Insulation: Polyurethane

Technical Data 
Technology Compressor
Vaccine storage capacity at +32°C (l) 76
Vaccine storage capacity at +43°C (l) 60
Energy consumption @ambient temp 32°C (kWh/24h) 0.55
Hold over during power cut @ 32°C ambient temp. (h) 60
Hold over during power cut @ 43°C ambient temp. (h) 44.5
WHO specifications E3 / RF.3, E3 / RF.2


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