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Combined refrigerator and freezer ideal for the safe storage and transport of vaccines

Operates on electricity only. Designed for use at fixed locations. The freezing compartment is divided into a freezing and a storage compartment for 8 x 0.6l icepacks. Two water filled walls separate these two compartments.

Sophisticated electronics control the inside temperature providing an outside temperature alarm and constant temperature monitoring.

  • Control panel situated at the front of the unit including 1 thermostat for temperature regulation, 1 green LED indicator for "Power On"
  • Ice-pack freezing with vaccine: 2.4 kg/14.5h @ +32°C ambient temperature
  • Ice-pack freezing with vaccine: 4.8 kg/29h @ +43°C ambient temperature
Technical Data 
Technology Compressor
Vaccine storage capacity (l) 24
Energy consumption @ambient temp 32°C (kWh/24h) 0.9
Energy consump. @ambient temp 43°C (kWh/24h) 1.69
Hold over during power cut @ 32°C ambient temp. (h) 16
Hold over during power cut @ 43°C ambient temp. (h) 8
WHO specifications E3 / RF.1


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