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Formula Specifies Dometic Marine's In-Duct Breathe Easy Air Purifier

In-Line Ductable Breathe Easy Air Purifier

Luxury powerboat manufacturer Formula is installing Dometic Marine's cutting-edge In-Duct Breathe Easy(TM) Air Purifier aboard all new production boats with cabin air conditioning. Winner of a 2010 IBEX Innovation Award, the In-Duct Breathe Easy has been selected by Formula to ensure the provision of a clean air environment on-board.

"Today's owner expects to have a pleasant cabin environment that is more in line with the luxury that they would experience in their cars and homes," comments Steve Boyce, Marine Systems Engineer, Formula. "Dometic Marine's In-Duct Breathe Easy is proven to offer superior air purification, removing airborne contaminants, odors and mold spores to cleanse the air. The system is easily installed and operates extremely well with the existing air conditioning systems used on our boats, making it our first-choice purification solution."  

The In-Duct Breathe Easy is cost-effective and simple to install within the air conditioning ducting line and uses the fan or blower to move air through the purifier. Once fitted, the unit operates silently, purifying and cleansing air using Photocatalytic Nano-Mesh Technology with UV light. Each time the air circulates it is further purified and cleansed of harmful mold spores and contaminants. 

Dometic Marine has been the exclusive supplier of air conditioning to Formula for several years, so the provision of its In-Duct Breathe Easy aboard all cabin air conditioned boats is a natural extension to the company's relationship with the powerboat manufacturer. Since its launch at IBEX last year, the In-Duct Breathe Easy has been well-received throughout the industry and has already been specified by several high-profile boat builders globally.

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