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Air Conditioning by Dometic

Water- and Air-Cooled A/C Systems by Dometic

Enjoy ideal temperatures on your boat year round with Dometic air conditioning systems.

Choose from EnviroComfort air conditioning kits which provide both cooling and heating and are available as retrofit kits or a complete system installation.

For a "drop-in" cooling solution that requires no plumbing or ducting, Dometic offers the DuraSea Rooftop air-cooled air conditioning system. Add the optional integrated Breathe Easy air purifier for up to 99.9% reduction of odors and contaminants that pass through the system.

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EnviroComfort A/C Kits

ECD air conditioning kits offer cooling
and heating in a compact package.

Air-Cooled A/C Systems

Dometic offers air-cooled air conditioning systems for special marine applications.

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