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Return & Supply Air Grilles

Aluminum, Wood, and
Plastic Styles

Return and supply air grilles are available in a wide assortment of dimensions, styles and materials to blend with any yacht’s interior. The vanes of supply grilles are secured in nylon bushings for easy and dependable positioning.

RA-type return air grilles have one row of fixed vanes. Wood return air grilles have a lint screen, which can be removed for cleaning. Round plastic discharge grilles are also offered in several colors with and without shut-off dampers.

Micro-particle anti-allergenic air filters, designed to capture diesel smoke, dust, lint, bilge odors, and pet dander, are available for all air conditioning systems. These filters mount to the unit’s evaporator coil and are eight times more efficient than standard filters. Due to the high efficiency of these new filters, they should be inspected and replaced at frequent intervals.

(When using a filter on the unit, do not also have a filter on the grille, as that would cause too much restriction of the airflow.)

  • Large selection and variety of grilles.
  • Standard and custom materials complement all yacht interiors.
  • Custom sizes available for any application.

Wood Frame Grilles

  • Pop-out louver panels with return air grilles have easy-to-clean replaceable filters.
  • Supply air grilles have double deflection, moveable louvers available in anodized bronze or aluminum finish.

Aluminum Grilles

  • Supply air grilles have adjustable louvers to direct air flow.
  • Return air grilles feature durable fixed-vane louvers.
  • Return air grilles supplied either with or without filters depending on system requirements.
  • Painted grilles are sprayed with polyurethane.
  • Multiple colors.
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