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Breathe Easy Air Filters

Micro-Particle, Anti-Allergenic Air Filters

Breathe Easy micro-particle, anti-allergenic air filters for marine air conditioning systems are rated Merv 7. With Breathe Easy filters, the air quality in your boat will be seven times cleaner than ordinary air filters. Breathe Easy filters are efficient and disposable, and are available for most Dometic air conditioning systems.

  • Rated Merv 7: Seven times more effective than ordinary foam and slide-in mesh screen air conditioning filters at capturing airborne micro-particles.
  • Capture diesel smoke, dust, lint, bilge odors, and pet dander from your family's environment.
  • Electrostatically-charged fibers attract and retain mico-particles in the air.
  • Easy installation for all types and models of air conditioners.
  • Custom sizes are available.
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