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Marine Ovens

Pressure-Free Cooking

On a boat, it's essential that cooking appliances work all the time. The more parts and the more complicated the design, the greater risk of malfunctions. Dometic Origo ovens are reliable, easy to use, and work completely without pressure.

Dometic Origo ovens have a built-in thermometer and a large, see-through, tempered-glass front that does not overheat while cooking--a valuable safety aspect whether in port or at sea.  Models can be built-in or free-standing, are available with or without cooktops, and are powered with alcohol fuel.  Gimbals are available to keep the cooking surface level even in rough weather, helping to avoid potential spills and burns.

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Origo 6000 Oven With Stove

Cooking power: 7,000/2,000 BTU/hr/Watts.

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