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Dometic offers a wider range of flushing technologies than anyone in the industry.

Gravity Discharge

Our gravity discharge flush is known for reliability and performance. The drop-away ball and valve form a complete seal, and the full-size waste opening make the gravity units the best in the business.




PowerFlush Gravity Discharge

Dometic 300-Series toilets come with PowerFlush technology, our latest innovation in gravity  discharge toilets. The most significant advantage is the improved pressurized rim flow, which creates a high-speed vortex of water for full bowl rinsing.




Advanced Macerator Technology

Our industry-leading MasterFlush system pulverizes waste finer with less power than competing toilets. The 24-blade macerator turbine delivers 2,700 rpm with an amazing 1,100 cuts per second to grind waste into a fine slurry with no clogging. Superior technology means 64% less power used, and 33% lower amps per flush than competing models. All this, and a home-style water trap to keep holding tank odors away from living spaces.



Exclusive VacuFlush Technology

Unlike traditional toilets, the VacuFlush system relies on stored vacuum energy to clear the bowl instantly and move waste into the holding tank. No odor, no clogs plus low power draw and water usage. Our Vacuflush system also allows flexible bathroom placement and potential for multiple toilets...A significant Dometic difference.


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