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Motorhome awning with electric/manual operation

Dometic Premium awning is convenient and safe – extends in only a few seconds with no awkward setup. The awning has no inconvenient struts – the entire space in front of the vehicle is yours to use.

The awning fabric is made of highly resistant Vinyl breeze with a transparent acrylic coating.

Optional for electric version: sun sensor for optimal shade depending on sunlight; wall-mounted radio remote control for convenient operation at the location of your choice.

  • Manual or electric version
  • Housing colours: white, silver, anthracite
  • Awning fabric: blue or silver stripes
  • Sturdy awning fabric with non-bleaching colours and pattern on both sides
  • Electric version comes with remote control and wind sensor
  • Two tilt angles possible
  • Top cover features integrated brush
Technical Data 
Width (cm) 256-505

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