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The Alum-A-Room is the perfect way to increase enjoyment of your RV in long-term campground or Park Model situations. Since the Alum-A-Room is easily assembled on wood decks, or concrete pads, it is fl exible for any use you have in mind.


Standard room sizes 10´11˝ 14´8˝ 18´5˝ 22´2˝
Valances required 2 2 3 3
Rafters required 5 6 8 9
Front panels required 3 4 5 6


  • Expand your living space in comfort and security.
  • Avoid the rainy day “blues” — enjoy a dry and comfortable RV lifestyle experience with the Alum-A-Room.
  • Need additional storage for your “toys?” The Alum-A-Room keeps them dry and secure.
  • Entertaining family and friends is easier with an Alum-A-Room.
  • The Alum-A-Room keeps bugs and pests on the outside where they belong.
  • Hot, humid days are cooler inside the Alum-A-Room where tinted windows keep the hot sun out and screens let the cool breeze in.

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