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Universal Plus Hardware



Universal Plus is the next generation of manual awning hardware. Re-engineered for optimal strength... designed for the styling demands of attractive coach exteriors... and blessed with a piston-driven rain shed feature that protects your investment



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Our engineers discovered that a U-shaped arm carried a weighted load better than any other design. So the hardware not only looks great, but distributes the weight more evenly.  


Smooth lines and curves...a subtle elegance that looks great from every angle. The new Universal Plus hardware from Dometic has the contemporary, clean look that RVers want on the side of their coaches. The shape blends into the side of the coach while retracted, yet makes an artful statement while open.

Also, this hardware comes with monochromatic parts and components. If you want black, you get black...if you want white, you get white. Five great colors, and a myriad of fabric patterns and shades. 


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Dometic's line of awnings are the only ones in the world with the patented piston-driven Rain Shed technology. When rain water accumulates on top of the awning, the hardware intuitively lowers itself at one corner, allowing the water to harmlessly fall off. It's an industry first, and only Dometic has it.

Universal Plus hardware is available on the 8500 Plus and the 9000 Plus awnings. The Sunchaser II manual awning received the same style upgrade as the Universal Plus hardware...clean lines and strength where you need it.

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