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T 2500H

2.0 kW unleaded petrol generator for 230 volts alternating current

T 2500 H is an inexpensive and reliable petrol generator: tried and tested, compact in size and relatively light in weight. Reliable and economical operation, 2000 watts continuous output – fine for supplying several electrical devices at the same time.

The generator is suitable for operation of Dometic air conditioners B 1100S,B 1500S, B 1900S and B 2200.

  • High continuous output ratings of 2.0 kW
  • 230-volt sine wave output voltage (±10% accuracy)
  • Suitable for many sensitive electronic appliances
  • 12-volt output for battery charging (10 amps max)
  • Robust design in stainless steel cabinet
  • Remote control panel in the passenger compartment
  • Electronic ignition, electrical starter, automatic low-oil cut-off
  • Wide choice of accessories (petrol tanks, exhaust extensions, silencers, etc.)


Données techniques 
Puissance de sortie maximum (W) 2200
Puissance continue (W) 2000
Poids net (kg) 50
Hauteur (mm) 290
Profondeur (mm) 385
Largeur (mm) 530
Largeur avec suspension (mm) 640
Fréquence (Hz ±1%) 50
Intensité de démarrage max (A) 24
Moteur Honda GX 160
Puissance du moteur (kW) 4.0 (5.5 HP)
Cylindrée (cm³) 163.4
Consommation (l/h) 1.2
Niveau sonore (dBA/7m) 60


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