We have a history and culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

We look serious at our responsibilities as an employer, manufacturer, and at our environmental footprint. We innovate, design and deliver smart, reliable products. Products that are safe and developed with sustainability in mind. For us this means that environmental considerations are made to the life span of a product, its energy efficiency and recyclability.

We want to lead the way, why a number of key products that we develop have energy efficiency standards that goes above and beyond the regulatory requirements. For example, RTX, our line of truck parking coolers for EMEA, have almost doubled the energy efficiency compared to other models and our new CFX cooling boxes have best-in-class energy performance. As a market leader we always strive to set the industry standard for our key products.

We are responsible and act in line with the regulations that heavily steer our industry. We play a proactive role in various bodies working to prepare future legislation and standards. Internally in Dometic we have programs to further strengthen global control and to manage both current and future legislations and regulations. At the present time more than 100 specific regulations apply to our products globally.


Information to our customers about presences of SVHC substances in Dometic products