Why choose electric blinds

The Ultimate in Effortless Control

Upgrade to Electric Blinds

Dometic can provide a powered upgrade for any of our blind styles, whether it is pleated, roller, venetian, roman, curtain or hatch screen. Electric blinds are the perfect choice for hard to reach, difficult to access areas. They also provide luxurious effortless comfort. Now, with the introduction of the Dometic motor range, powered blinds are an affordable luxury for anyone.

The latest motor technology

Dometic have invested in the latest motor technology to bring you electric blinds which move effortlessly - and sound it too! Our technical engineers have worked to ensure that all our motors are quiet and peaceful, while capable of deploying our most complex of shaped and sized blinds. Chill out, uninterrupted, as you open your blinds from the comfort of your bed and soak in those morning views on the water.

Why choose Dometic blinds?

  • Child safe
  • Effortless control
  • Designed to safely stall without damage should they encounter any obstructions
  • AP Radio Remote for simple, easy to use control
  • Simple programming of blinds via AP Radio Remote
  • Dometic Blinds uses FSK technology, eliminating interference and allowing 100+ of blinds on one channel
  • The full Dometic range of motors are FCC and CE compliant

Control your climate

Sit back and relax, our AP Radio Remote allows you to easily control all of your Dometic electric blinds from one system, with up to 9 blinds per channel, and 99 different channels. Its stylish finish ensures streamlined integration into any interior, and an intuitive interface allows you to tailor your environment to your exact needs, all at the touch of a button.

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Safest around children

All Dometic blinds adhere to current child safety regulations, but visible cording and manual controls are not necessary on electric blinds, making them the safest blinds to use in spaces with children.

Pleated blinds electric range

The classic pleated blind from Dometic comes in a powered version for application on both windows and sunroofs, meaning you can create a perfectly co-ordinated interior. Whether you prefer subtle single pleat privacy fabric, or stylish double pleat honeycomb blackout, we have an option for you.

Venetian blinds electric range

Elevate your interior to the next level, with Dometic’s range of powered Skyvenetian blinds. These powered blinds offer the ultimate in elegance and sophistication, with the power to transform the interior environment with the simple flick of a switch.

Roller blinds electric range

These Rollerblind styles are ideally suited for either small or large windows, featuring an elegant and durable powder coated finish and various fabric options.

Roof & hatch electric range

Our Roof & Hatch Blinds have been meticulously designed for convenient operation and versatility. Effortless control and totally hidden from view.

Soft furnishings electric range

Dometic’s powered solutions ensure easy operation for our soft furnishings range, making your interior visions un-restricted by manual control constraints.

Ready to upgrade?

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