Dometic Optimus EPS Color Display

Optimus EPS Color Display

Providing real-time system status on rudder direction and rpm, the Dometic Optimus EPS Color Display keeps you in tune with your boat.
art. nr.: 9130000265 (ED1700)

Digital display

The Dometic Optimus EPS Color Display further enhances your connectivity to your vessel. Understanding system status in a visual way with the interface to setup, configure, and purge. Additionally, adjust helm turns and effort while viewing real-time rudder direction and RPM. Part of the Optimus Series for Outboards, Inboards, and Sterndrive vessels.
Digital display
Dometic Boat Family
Dometic Optimus EPS Color Display
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    • Digital display
    • Provides visual information on system status, including rudder direction and rpm
    • Straightforward setup - no additional device required
    • Interface for adjusting helm turns and steering effort
    • Interface to setup, configure and purge the Optimus EPS


SKU-nummer 9130000265 
Model Optimus Displays 
Produktbeskrivelse Optimus EPS Color Display 
Mål for produktdybde 2 "
Indgangsspænding (DC) 12 V
Farve Black/Chrome